Saturday, April 30, 2011

A 2 for 1 day!

Last weekend, for our Easter break, I drove to our family's beach house and spent Thursday through Sunday with my nana, Uncle Jack, Aunt Debbie, and my "baby" cousin. That is what I will always call her even though she is 10 1/2 already!

Us back in 2002

I really want to live at the beach this summer as my mom did the summer before she left for college and as my Uncle Jack did the year after his freshman year of college. I did get some beach time, but I also went out job hunting. Being Easter weekend, it was difficult. My mom did say she would give me a week or two after school gets out (May 10!!! WOOHOO!!!) to find a job down there. If not, it is home for the summer.

I went home Sunday evening. It was rather late when I arrived so I basically headed on to bed. Monday, my mom and I headed off shopping. We needed to exchange a dress that she purchased for me (wrong size) for sorority stuff when I have to wear a white dress. This one has cap sleeves so I can wear my quill without having to wear my sweater or shrug all of the time. I really do like it, but am still going to hunt down the perfect white dress for such occasions. Something a little fancier.

However, we did shop! I have weddings coming up 3 weekends in a row starting May 14th. That is my cousin's wedding and I will be wearing this dress:

It is a Jessica Simpson dress and I love the way it looks and feels. I just need to find the jewelry and other accessories to go with it. I may just end up wearing bone colored heels for the wedding. The best part of this dress is I can dress it up and dress it down. I think it will be great next year for socials!

The next weekend, my daddy's twin sister is getting remarried. It will be outside by the pond and a big barbecue afterwards. We were told to wear anything and feel free to be barefoot. Well I just can't see myself wearing shorts (as some people will be wearing) and going barefoot. So I choose this seersucker sundress I purchased last year. I am in the blue. That is my friend Piper who blogs at Tarleton West. We were in Myrtle Beach last summer for the July 4th holiday.

The final wedding is actually the wedding of my 10th grade biology teacher. We became very close through the year and have remained very close. She left school to pursue some more advance education but we still kept in touch. I was so excited to receive an invite to her wedding. It will be black tie and after the ceremony, there will be dinner and dancing at the Carolina Country Club.

In this day and time, it is hard to find a true cocktail dress with appropriate length so I went with a long gown. The following pictures do not do this dress justice at all. I am absolutely in love with this gown and it fits perfectly, and unlike the pictures, it is the perfect length.

It is actually purple, and I love it!

And here I thought most weddings took place in June!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A blip and a favor...

Apparently there was a blip with Feedburner and I had to reset the entire account. Several people who usually received email updates did not receive them with the last post. I do apologize. Now that Feedburner has been reset, I need you to please do me a favor and re-subscribe to the email updates, if you wish to continue to read them. Thanks to everyone who still comes and checks on my blog. I truly intend to update more as soon as my laptop is fixed, and I finish my lit paper!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time Flies...

When you are having fun and when you aren't.

This week is Greek Week and we are currently in second place! Tonight is the big night... the talent showcase! We have been working hard on our routines and the show will be amazing. I can't wait... and hopefully the different routines will be posted on YouTube very soon!! We usually win the showcase and we have won Greek Week for 3 years now.

As for not having fun!?!?!? My computer has been in the capable hands of one of our tech ladies. At first we thought it was just the fact that I somehow had over 300 viruses. YES, I have very good virus protection and it updates constantly and consistenly runs in the background. Most of them came from apps and links on Facebook! Alas, the damage had also been done to the hard drive. Dell is sending me a new hard drive and the Dell hardware tech is coming Monday to install the drive. HOPEFULLY, he can save some of the items on my hard drive. Specifically, all of the documents I have saved. My music, pictures, and links will probably be gone. And on top of that... I had been slaving over my Lit paper. Haven't had access to my notes and such and have started over on my roomie's computer! Thank goodness for flash drives!

One other item of note for this past week, we received our housing assignments for next year. I made it into Jefferson Apartments (all students must live on campus... dorms for frosh, different sets of apartments for all others) and we even get my "big brother's" apartment which has been my second home this year.

We have our quad and right across the quad is the outdoor swimming pool where I spend quite a bit of time and the "beach" volleyball court. And parking is right our my back door! My current roomie and I will still be together, and we have 2 more good friends moving in. Best thing...W/D for only 4 to share. And a good size kitchen and LR. The kitchen has a full size fridge and even a dishwasher!! WOOHOO!

But first things first, finishing up my freshman year!!