Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Morning!

Monday mornings are a sign that the weekend is gone and that you have a very long week with a paycheck on friday. However this monday is completely different!! Today begins the last week at home for me before I move into my freshmen dorm room this Sunday. So many things are going on this week and I will try my hardest to keep you updated.

Here is a rough summary of my week that is ahead of me:

Monday: Hair appt, Bank, Work, Church
Tuesday: "Hope" to sleep in a little bit, Work
Wednesday: LAST DAY OF WORK :) :) :)
Thursday: Pack the majority of my clothes, shoes, etc.
Friday: Finish Packing
Saturday: Drive to Kannapolis to stay with my Aunt Jojo
Sunday: Move into Wingate!!!

I guess you can call me a busy bee!!

There are a couple of odds and ins throughout the week that are minor. But as you can see I do have a busy week ahead of me. One night this week my Daddy and I are going out to eat and have a Father~Daughter night together, hopefully my Mom and I will get to do the same thing. I will be seeing my friends throughout the week and hanging out with my family. Please pray for my family as we make this big transition.

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