Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday thoughts

The time for check-in day is coming very fast! 10 days left in Durham till I move to the city of Monroe. I am so excited to finally become a bulldog. There is still so much left to do it is unreal. I have piles of stuff ready to be put in my dorm room at Wingate University. I can't believe it is almost time for me to move.

Every teenager looks forward to the day they move out and live on their own. As of right now I am realizing that in just a little bit longer I will be all alone without my parents once they pull away from my dorm as they head back to Durham.
Once this thought entered my mind I thought of the song by Trace Adkins:
You're Gonna Miss This


  1. You have won my giveaway!!!! Congratulations and thank you for entering! E-mail me at to claim your prize!

  2. That song always makes me tear-up! Good luck with your move-in, and congratulations on your win!

  3. Thank you both :)

    Summer Wind: I will be sure to email you when I get home. I am so excited that I won. Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!!

    Miss Southern Prep: Thank you. I love the song too :) There is still so much to do but with so little time.

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  5. I'm going to miss YOU, Grandangel.. I love you more than a pound of butter on a 5 pound hushpuppy!