Saturday, September 25, 2010

Recruitment Update #2

Last night was Philanthropy and Financial night. Afterwards, they Pi Chis told us they would call us around 3 if we didn't get any invites back for this morning which was our "Sisterhood" session. I was so excited when I got to our location this morning and had received all 3 invites. We had the Sisterhood session and then ranked the sororities in order 1-3. Tonight is pref night and you can only get a max of 2 invites. I am so excited. When I arrived tonight, I got 2 invites and they were from my top 2. If all 3 issue you a bid, you only get the 2 that matched your top 2 if you are lucky enough to still have that option. As you read this I should be at the second "house" for pref night. After that we aren't allowed to talk to anyone about it, so....

tomorrow I will post who I am pledging!!

Can't wait to be a Greek!!

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