Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Break

It's hard to believe my first fall break has come and gone. I must admit, I was a little disappointed when I got home because no one was there to meet me. My Mommy and Nana had gone shopping and Daddy was working. I put my stuff in my room and I was definitely surprised. My mommy had rearranged my room and cleaned it up. The furniture was moved, the stuff on the walls were moved or removed (eek!), but except for the bedding, everything was all mine! It looked amazing!! However, she did admit that she was going to paint the room soon.

Daddy had baked me an entire pan of brownies! He would not even let mommy touch them the night before. He even told her they were for me. Thank you Daddy!

Mommy and Nana and I met for dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant and then home. I was actually exhausted.

Saturday, we just hung out. Daddy grilled steaks for dinner.

Sunday I went to church with an old "new" friend, if you get my drift. Another day of relaxing and watching movies.

Monday, was not the best day of fall break. I had to go have a consultation with an orthodontist. I have had braces twice already but my teeth have moved again, even wearing my retainer. So it appears, I will be getting some braces again for about six months but then will have permanent retainers. Mommy and I ran a few errands then ate lunch, ran by the fabric store to get some fabric and monogramming thread. I have a few things to be monogrammed, and we were going to make me a stitched shirt for my sorority. I went with Mommy to her doctor's appointment and then home.

Tuesday, I went to my last job, which is a dry cleaners, to drop off a coat to see if a stain could be removed. It is a wonderful winter coat and will be perfect for my little cousin. I also dropped off a dress to be hemmed. After that I ran by my old high school and surprised my best friend, who is a senior. When I came home, Mommy and I went to my Nana's house to start the monogramming but we ran out of time. It should all be done when I come home for Thanksgiving.

That's about it...uneventful but wonderful all the same. I hated to leave but looked forward to getting back to school. I definitely will not be coming home again until Thanksgiving because we have something every weekend with my sorority to get ready for initiation. I can't wait for that!! Now I am on the hunt for a white dress and white shoes!

At least my family is planning to come down Halloween weekend for our Homecoming!

I think I am going to take a nap before my next (last) class of the day: Phys Ed. Ugh. At least there are some cute guys in there. : )

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